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Sep 7 2018

Best Online Universities in Louisiana

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Best Online Universities in Louisiana

Louisiana has a variety of degree programs to choose from, but some students simply cannot find time to get to a college campus. If your schedule does not allow you to go through traditional schooling, you still have an opportunity to go to school online. The best online universities in Louisiana offer a wide range of degree programs to choose from, and any one of them could be perfect for you. Check out the many options available to you, and you could be on your way to a degree in no time.

Louisiana Universities Online

There are more than 110 post-secondary institutions in Louisiana, and 16 of those offer online degree programs. Some have degrees at both the graduate and undergraduate level, while others focus on one or the other. Here is a list of how many online degrees are in Louisiana:

You have other degrees available in other parts of the country, if you don t mind the school s campus being in another state. As long as all of you classes are available on the internet, you will be able to get through your training from home.

Tuition Rates for Online Louisiana Universities

The tuition rates for Louisiana are fairly low compared to those in other states, and the financial aid opportunities here are fantastic. You can contact the financial aid department at the school you wish to attend to learn about ways to pay for your education. The average tuition rates in Louisiana include:

  • Public four-year colleges. $3,127 per year
  • Public community colleges. $1,678 per year
  • Private online colleges. $5,318 $30,468 per year

Louisiana Employment Prospects

There are 1,868,210 workers in the state of Louisiana, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average employee here earns $18.86 an hour, which is about $39,230 a year. The largest industries in Louisiana are information, retail trade, arts and entertainment. You could start a career in any one of these areas with proper training and determination.

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