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Mar 12 2018

Business, Auto & Home Insurance – Salt Lake City UT – Salt City Insurance Group

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Home, Auto, and Commercial/Business Insurance in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt City Insurance Group

Since 2012, Salt City Insurance Group has been operating as an independent insurance agency, providing comprehensive home. auto. commercial. and business insurance plans in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas throughout Utah.

Our agency is proud to be a woman-owned business under the direction of Jenn Deppe, who served as a direct agent for Nationwide Insurance for many years. Her dedication to our customers has led to partnerships with top rated companies such as Nationwide, Allied, and Progressive allowing us to find competitive rates that meet your expectations is price, while still maintaining quality.

Insurance offerings to fit you perfectly

We specialize in home, auto, health, and life insurance but we are able to provide any personal or commercial line you may need. We also have a significant focus on commercial/business insurance policies, due to our passion for locally-owned businesses.

Our agency has the ability to write any traditional insurance policy as well as add-ons or endorsements for any of the unique needs of our customers.

Knowledgeable, experienced agents working for you

We take the time to go above and beyond to protect what is important to our customers. Our customers take priority and we work relentlessly for their protection as if they were our own family.

Contact us today to learn more about our personalized insurance options. To get started on a policy, request a quote .

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