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Jul 31 2017

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Custom Car Audio from Performance Audio, Las Vegas NV

Performance Audio is a National Top 12 car audio specialty shop featuring the 2010-2011 Installer of the Year, Jon Webb. We are located at 7353 W. Sahara, Las Vegas Nevada.

The level of installation, OEM integration and true car stereo custom work is literally second to none. That s not us saying that; that is the consensus from our industry peers and clients. Our goal is simple: we want to provide the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction to each and every one of you.

We have over 55 years of combined experience, knowledge, and training in car audio, mobile security, mobile video, navigation, remote start systems and radar/laser diffuser systems allow us to do the job right for you. From the most basic install, to the custom over the top SEMA show quality vehicle, no job is too big or small. Come in and see us today.

From the most basic install, to the custom “over the top” show quality vehicle.
No job to big or small.

Free Stereo Tune-Ups Lifetime Warranty on all installations

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Custom Fabrication By Vehicle Enhancement Architects and Engineers

A great deal of planning was done by the automotive designers and engineers before anything was built for your vehicle.

The team at Performance Audio undertakes the same process when doing any type of true custom installation work. We are not merely installers. We are vehicle enhancement architects and engineers. Our primary goal is to create functional practicality and serviceability, and then focus on elegance and aesthetics. In other words, what we design and build – for you what works well and looks subtly incredible.

Your vehicle is a blend of modern space age plastics, polymers, light weight alloys, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and other composites. Your vehicle s interior is likely includes leather, suede and/or other fabrics, and it may even have exotic wood accents. (However, your vehicle is not made of wood; we do not rely on wood for custom fabrication.)

The Performance Audio team is highly skilled in the use of these exotic materials. We HAVE TO BE highly skilled in order to make our work look like it truly belongs in your vehicle. The BEST custom work will look like how the factory would have done the work if they offered an ultra- premium sound and infotainment system. We use wood only when it is the most appropriate material for the job.

True custom fabrication is what we do – better than anyone. That s not us saying that ourselves. That is what our fellow professionals in the consumer electronics industry say about us; they voted our own Jon Webb as the 2010-011 Installer of the Year and Performance Audio as a national Top 12 Retailer of the Year.

You deserve to own the best from the best Performance Audio!

Here s something that most people do not know: Your factory radio does NOT have to be replaced in order to achieve better sound. You may even have the option of adding Bluetooth, iPod, SiriusXM radio, or HD radio to the OEM system in your car, truck, SUV or minivan. Consider that myth busted.

However, not just any average car audio professional can work on the newer vehicles on the market. There are a myriad of computers and sensors that are all interconnected with the vehicle s electronics systems. The complexity and sophistication of these systems require the extensive training, knowledge and experience. We have over 55 years of combined tenure working with state-of-the-art technology and the very finest aftermarket equipment available.

Despite the fact that the stock sound and infotainment systems have improved significantly over the last several years, it simply is not possible for automakers to account for each individual buyers needs for each and every model of vehicle they build.

That s our job here at Performance Audio.

Our tools, equipment, and products we carry give the Performance Audio team the unique and unmatched ability to integrate the features that you want and need into your vehicle. We don t just install equipment, you merge new technology while maintaining and enhancing your vehicle aesthetics, ergonomics, and elegance.

If what you want for your vehicle is possible, the team at Performance Audio can do the job that will meet and exceed your expectations. All we need is your okay.

Performance Audio is a Mobile Electronics Top 12 Retailer that featuring the 2010-2011 Installer of the Year, Jon Webb. We are the ONLY obvious choice to add the features of your choice to your vehicle. Come in and see us today! 2012, All Rights Reserved privacy policy terms and conditions

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