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Feb 12 2018

Examples of Resume Education Sections: Ph

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87 Examples of Resume Education Sections

I sometimes get questions about how to list education on a resume. Nothing explains it better than examples so I decided to post examples of resume Education sections. I hope they ll give you some ideas for how to present your education on a resume.

The following Education section examples come from real job seekers. Some are from the resume examples on this site. Others are from my Ready-Made Resume Builder. In each case, the job seeker kindly agreed to let me make their resume anonymous and use it as an example to help others.

5 Examples of Resume and CV Education Sections for Ph.D. s

Some of these samples are quite long, so I ve moved them to their own page: Education sections for Ph.D. s
You ll find:

  • Ph.D. in Political Science
  • Ph.D. in Psychology
  • J.D.
  • Ph.D. in Teaching
  • Ph.D. in Applied Science

32 Examples of Resume Education Sections With Master s Degrees

Because I have so many samples of Education sections in this group, I ve listed them on the following two pages:

43 Examples of Resume Education Sections With Completed Bachelor s Degrees

The most common college degree on a resume is the bachelor s degree. To see my set of samples of Education sections with bachelor s degrees that are completed, please go to:

7 Examples of Education Sections with Degrees or Certifications in Progress

You can list a college degree or professional certification on your resume, as long as you show that it is not yet completed. Here are examples of how to do that:

Example of Resume Education With No College Degree

Many smart people in the workforce (including some high-powered senior execs) do not have college degrees. Most have some coursework, training, or professional development to list on their resumes. I have one example like that to show you here.

Here s the Education section on a Network Operations Specialist s resume. Note: This job seeker has college coursework but no college degree to list.

Education and Certification
Horizon University classes, including:
Cisco Certification (CCENT) (CCNA) and 15 additional Cisco classes
Network Reliability Baseline Technical Course
FCC Outage Reporting, General Troubleshooting, Common Language
Tools and Applications
Horizon Business Products
Digital Telephone

I have lots more examples of resume Education sections in my collection of Resume Samples. You can view my sample resumes by type of career, resume format, or problem solved. Hint: Under Problem solved you ll find lots of resumes for job seekers with new or recent degrees as well as those with no college degrees. Happy browsing!

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