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Mar 3 2018

Gujarat Ayurved University – Masters Degree in Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences or Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant Sciences, Kayachikitsa, Kaumbharbhritya, Drvyaguna, Shalya, Shalakya, Rasashastra, Prasuti Tantra & Stri Roga

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Following Institutes and Centers are working in the Campus of Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar as constituent Institutes

To promote the teaching and learning in Ayurveda in foreign countries, International Center for Ayurvedic Studies was established in 1999. University initiated a new concept of Education/Training in Ayurveda and allied subjects, by launching University School of Continuing Education in Ayurved (USCE). As per the emerging needs, USCE has been offering various innovative programs.

The university has its own objectives to achieve its main vision of global propagation of Ayurveda. The University serves as custodian of classical Ayurveda Knowledge. It aims at safeguarding and protecting the heritage of the traditional medicine Ayurveda. The university aims to develop competent human resources for teaching and research in Ayurveda. Recruitment of the best staff is done in the university. The university is equipped with the modern technology and machinery to meet the present day requirement by incorporating advances of basic sciences. The university also serves the requirement of global health care. It is well equipped and competent enough to serve as centre of excellence for Ayurveda. It conducts various researches and collaborative research to revalidate traditional claims and principles. The researches provide various objective parameters and experimental models that provide evidences and are published in journals. It also takes measures to enrich Pharmacopoeia through evidence based research. It aims at mainstreaming AYUSH systems in the public health. The university conducts various clinical and awareness camps to support and enrich National Health Mission.

This is an evidence based scientific era. It is instrumental in conducting various programs and researches that bring out substantial evidence. These evidences are then manifested through various publications in national and international journals. The university has all the necessary instruments to conduct researches. It also has its own research protocols. The university also provides Ayurveda medicines to the patients for maintenance of health and
treatment of diseases at the OPD and IPD levels. Several patients have been treated successfully in the hospitals run by the university. In this way, the institution has its own objectives that focus on the implementation of various courses in educational programs that illuminates the concepts of Ayurveda in the right manner and enable the students to apply these principles and will be beneficial to the society.

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