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Oct 26 2017

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Need Expert Help & Advice on
Home Security Systems?

A hardwired system is generally preferable to a wireless security system . for a few basic reasons.

  • Wires are more reliable than radio signals
  • There are no transmitter batteries to change
  • The keypads function more smoothly
  • The equipment cost is generally lower

In some cases, installing a hardwired system just isn’t possible.

If you have a flat-roof or 2-story-type house, or are renting, running wires for a hardwired system may not be an option. In that case, a wireless system is the best choice.

Some security companies choose to install only wireless systems, no matter the situation. This shortens installation time, and allows them to sell more systems.

Even if you have the option of going with a hardwired system, you might still choose to go wireless. Maybe you’ve found a good local company you trust, or you’ve had a wireless system before that you liked.

Modern wireless alarm systems are more reliable than ever, so don’t be too concerned about the technology. Get estimates from several dealers, find one you can trust, and consider their recommendations.

What about home security camera systems?

Video surveillance systems can be good additions to house alarm systems. They allow you to view and record activity in any areas of concern — a baby’s room, play areas, a front entryway, patio, or pool.

Camera systems come in all sizes, from basic kits with a single camera and monitor, up to 8- and 16-camera systems for larger homes. Smaller wireless camera systems allow you to install your own equipment without running wires. Larger video systems can be installed professionally, and can cover all key areas of your home, inside and out.

Many DVR surveillance systems can be connected to a home network, allowing you to view live or recorded images on any computer in your house. You can set up your system to watch and control cameras remotely, using any Internet connection. You can even use your cell phone to view your cameras!

Can I install a do-it-yourself system to save money?

DIY alarm systems are more widely available now than ever before, and are a great option for a handy homeowner or renter.

Much of the cost of any alarm system (especially a hardwired one) is in labor. DIY’ers save that cost right off the top, and equipment sold in kit-form tends to be reasonably priced.

How to use this site:

Enter a few words in the “Search this site” box, found at the top of every page on this site.

This will quickly pop up a list of all of my pages containing that topic .

If you’re shopping and comparing home security systems,you may just want some idea of what’s available.

Bookmark or save this site in your Favorites, at least until you’ve settled on a system that’s right for you. You can also find this site through the shortcut URL,

Use the information here to find answers to all of your home security questions.

Whether you decide to go with a national brand or a local alarm dealer, you’ll have a source of reliable information just a click away.

To find out what a system might cost,get free home alarm systems quotesfrom companies in your area.

There is no obligation to buy, and no credit card information is requested.

Already have an alarm system?

Find the parts you need to maintain your alarm. Batteries, switches, magnets, and many other accessories are available here. For more information, see this section on finding Alarm System Parts.

You’ll find professional advice to guide you through choosing, installing, and programming your own system.

Why not replace your own alarm panel battery ?

I’ll show you how to get the right battery for your system, how to replace it, and save money doing it!

Lost your user manual?

Need to change an arm/disarm code, or find out what a trouble condition on your keypad means? I’ll help you find manuals for using, re-programming, and troubleshooting your system.

Do you need to make a zone list of your doors and windows?

You can download and print out a FREE copy of myBasic Alarm Zone Listto use as a fill-in form to make this easier.

It has 28 lines for alarm zone information, including zone numbers, descriptions of protected areas, loop and serial numbers, and more.

Download a FREE copy of myAlarm Installation Record Sheet.

This has spaces to enter a homeowner or business name, address, phone numbers, and panel make and model details. The lower portion of the form is a shorter, 20-zone version of the Basic Alarm Zone List above.

Each of these PDF documents will print out as a single 8-1/2 x 11 page, and I created them both to work with any type of alarm panel – wireless, hardwired, or hybrid.

This site is dedicated to helping you find and maintain a home security system that gives you peace of mind, fits your lifestyle, and does it all at a price you can afford.

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“Thanks so much for your helpful instructions.
Our pets & neighbours thank you as well.
I have been able to disable our troublesome alarm system.”

– James M in Australia, December 2016

“I went to that page on your website.
Wow! Thank you for your help.
I very much appreciate it.”

– Joan F, January, 2017

“I powered it down like you suggested
and everything seems to be fine.
Can’t thank you enough.”

– Sal F, November, 2016

“First – this website is PHENOMENAL! The best resource on the web for understanding the innards of a home security system. Period!”

“Many thanks for your email Lee.
It’s very kind of you to provide the link to the manual-
most appreciated.
I’ll keep you in mind for any future need.
Thanks again”

– Florence M, October, 2016

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I appreciate and want to thank you very much
for the informational response.
It will be very helpful.”

– David R, August, 2016

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Thanks. “

– Eric G, July, 2016

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much
for posting this information.
I was able to disconnect the
12 year old Ademco alarm system in our home
(hasn’t been monitored for years
and the low battery was beeping at panels every 4 hours).
I knew where main panel was
and disconnected transformer and 12 volt battery.
Your directions were clear and made this a simple process.
soooo glad it’s not beeping every 4 hours!!”

– Barbara H, November, 2016

“Your page has been the
most informative so far!
Very glad to have come across this site.”

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– David, Sept. 2012

“When I filled this form out
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Thank you for taking the time to email me back.
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– Kathy, January 2015

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I’m surprised I just came across your site, but glad I did.
It’s been informative and I appreciate the work put into it.”

– Ismael, August 2013

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