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Jan 31 2018

Our suite of media intelligence tools

All your media information and analytics in one platform

Isentia Mediaportal: The only media monitoring tool a communications professional will ever need.

Isentia.Mediaportal is sophisticated media software that delivers news as it happens across ALL your relevant media, including broadcast, online and print, providing comprehensive media analytics and reporting tools, and connecting you with journalists and influencers. Social media monitoring completes your media picture, ensuring you don t miss out on the fastest moving news source.

Continuously updated with a live feed, Mediaportal is the most powerful media monitoring tool for communications professionals available.

Mediaportal also comes with by far the most comprehensive support in the industry, with a client service team dedicated to your account that knows your issues and lives and breathes your news.

Mediaportal s 3 Modules work together for a complete media intelligence software solution


Press Release Distribution Module

Seamlessly integrated into Mediaportal, our Connect module ensures you reach the right influencers for the most media coverage.

  • Vast Media Database of worldwide TV, print, radio, online journalists, bloggers, social media influencers
  • Receive customised suggestions key influencers for your topic and industry
  • Target distribution by geographical region, area of interest, media type.
  • Media lists updated daily for most current coverage
  • Embed video, images, and links into your media release
  • Track and analyse all coverage related to the release

News and Analytics

Media Tracking Module

Fully customisable media monitoring software, the News Analytics module integrates media monitoring with robust analytics and reporting.

  • Relevant Media Briefs: Define the issues you are monitoring, receive categorized content from across all media platforms.
  • Multiple delivery options including Live View, email, RSS feeds, and PDF reports.
  • Living Briefs mean your key issues and categories are refined frequently in conjunction with your Account team.
  • Flexible Media Analytics software provides data in multiple formats to understand and analyze your media strategy, integrated into your Mediaportal Dashboard.
  • Extremely powerful reporting with our analytics software. Easily create charts and customizable reports for your team, Board, or stakeholders.


Social Media Monitoring Module

Our social media monitoring software tracks and measures what s being said across all the major social media platforms.

  • Comprehensive monitoring of millions of sources and conversations
  • Organized and targeted delivery of your relevant issues
  • Social media analytics integrated into your Mediaportal Dashboard for a complete media picture.
  • Customisable to your specification

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