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Aug 31 2017

Samsung Business Telephone Systems #voip #business #phone #systems #reviews


Samsung is a trusted brand in electronics, gadgets, appliances and office equipment around the world. Samsung offers business telecommunications solutions to offices with their business telephone systems. These are divided into several categories. Here are some of them.

Digital Keysets and VoIP Keysets

The SMT-I Series is composed of top-of-the-line stylish phones. They have different features such as Caller ID with photo, downloadable ringtones and photos and XML browsers. They have a USB port for your memory stick, web cameras and Bluetooth capability.

The phones store 99 numbers and you can view 5 numbers at once. There are user-definable labels so no need for paper strips. The phones have a backlit display. They are easy to navigate and have customizable soft keys.

DS 5000 Series Keysets

Depending on your choice of phone, the DS 5000 series has 7-21 programmable function buttons. They have soft keys with scroll buttons to guide you through the different call status options. They have a built-in speakerphone.

They feature a message waiting lamp that can be easily seen across the room. The phones also have Caller ID.

These phones have a 32-character display with soft keys and scroll keys. They have programmable keys with colored lights and function keys. They have a Terminal Status indicator and a built-in speakerphone. You can select up to 8 ringtones. There are up and down buttons to control the ringer volume, handset and speaker. You can have these phones on your desk or mount them on the wall. They are available in dark or light gray.

Digital Telephone Systems

Office Serv 7030

The Office Serv 7030 is a small business communications solution. It will give you an impressive performance. It has so many features packed in one compact platform. It integrates VoIP and wireless communication.

Office Serv 7200-S

The Office Serv 7200-S is for small to medium businesses. It is a converged solution that you can expand in small increments as your business grows. It is a powerful and versatile business telephone system that’s priced just right.

Office Serv 7400

Do you need a business telephone system now that is capable of keeping up with your growth? The Office Serv 7400 is for you. It offers enhanced communications to handle evolving traffic patterns. It can support traditional voice communication, IP-based data communication, VoIP and wireless solutions all at once.

Office Serv 7100

The Office Serv 7100 is another business telephone system that is expandable. It can expand in 4-port increments. It is capable of handling 8 incoming lines with 32 stations.

Office Serv 7200

The Office Serv 7200 is a converged communication system. It offers voice, data, wired and wireless solutions.

Wireless Enterprise Communication Manager

The Samsung Communication Manager is a comprehensive solution for midsize to large businesses that have a small IT staff. It features voice mail, conference and mobility. The SCM is an easy-to-manage system with an affordable price.

Whether you are a start up or large business, Samsung can provide you with all your communications needs.

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