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Mar 6 2018

Unigo Scholarships

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Our Scholarships

October 31, 2017

Did binge-re-watching The Walking Dead get you thinking about what you’d do if the streets were filled with flesh-eating zombies? Maybe you ve envisioned your own post-apocalyptic world overrun with the living dead, forcing you to come up with a zombie survival plan — and quick!

December 31, 2017

There are many scholarships and colleges that want to know the number one thing you want people to know about you. Just one? That s it? But, I m amazing, you say. We hear you, and we know that it s tough to narrow down your awesomeness into one measly reason.

January 31, 2018

It s crazy to think of all the amazing stories that happen as soon as we close our eyes and drift to sleep. It could be in a deep slumber or perhaps in a carefree daze, but our dreams can help shape our ideas, perceptions, and – now – education.

February 28, 2018

And now, those simple gifts can really pay off in our Sweet and Simple Scholarship 2015! Think back to a time when you received a special gift that seemed so unassuming yet made such a strong impact in your life. Was it a present you could open in a box or a humble gesture from a stranger?

Have you ever wondered where you d go if you could fly around downtown? Or maybe you daydream of secretly taking over the world – to each his own. For all of those hero lovers and villain enthusiasts, this super scholarship can give you the power to win free college money.

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