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Dec 31 2017

Windows Mobile Phones Price List in India

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Price List of Windows Mobile Phones in India (2017)

Commonly referred to as the outsider in the Great Smartphone race of the modern generation, Windows Phone has not raced the scales of peak to success that Microsoft had initially thought. Built to compete the likes of Android and iOS and propel Microsoft into the smartphone race, Windows Phone is primarily targeted towards the consumer market, and not purely towards the enterprise market that Windows Mobile was. Although enterprise as a market is served and Windows phone has gradually added more and more features for the same, the large icons and bold text with very clean design and minimalistic approach is more keeping in mind the average Joe who wants something in between the jails of iOS and the open park that Android is.

Windows Phones feature User Interface that is derived from Metro UI. and the same has been followed by Windows for their desktops and portable laptops since Windows 8. The design sees a box of large tiles with live information being displayed over them and secondary screens which are very clean and minimalistic in nature. Windows Phone 7. which was the first major Windows Phone release, was released in October 2010 found a lot of inspiration from the UI of the Zune player which in terms of pure commercials earned by the company was a failure. Competing against the iPod at the time, Zune was never on par with the marketing and the music libraries that Apple could offer. But the interface of Zune was always appreciated and it was only logical that Microsoft took that forward as a base to build Windows Phone on.

Nokia was one of the very first OEMs to sign up with Windows Phone, which also saw brands like HTC and Samsung come on board later on. However, it was announced in 2011 that Nokia would tie up officially with Windows Phone and it would be replacing Symbian as the preferred OS on Nokia devices. It was in the same year in October at Nokia World that we saw the first Windows Phone devices manufactured by Nokia in the form of Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800. The Lumia 800 was largely a Nokia N9 running Windows Phone, but the Lumia 710 was worked from the ground up. Since then, there have been several legendary devices that Nokia and Windows Phone have collaborated upon. Some of them worth mentioning are Nokia Lumia 710, Lumia 800, Lumia 900, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520, Lumia 925 and Lumia 830.

Just like Android and iOS, Windows Phone is usually updated to a new version every year and we have already seen, Windows Phone 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 released in the span of these four years. Windows Phone has sort of been re-christened to Windows Mobile with the release of Windows 10 Mobile which basically aims to bring about consistency across mobile as well as desktop products that Windows is producing given the corresponding release of Windows 10 for desktops and laptops. Among the most interesting facts and USPs of Windows Phone is that default theme of any Windows Phone is set to dark which helps save the energy on an OLED display. Users can go ahead and change the theme to light theme if they choose to. Windows Phone 8.1 was also the launchpad of Cortana. the virtual assistant from Microsoft in the mould of Siri and Android Now to help you get things done on the fly using your voice. Later on, Cortana after positive response from Windows Phone users was added as a feature in the release of Windows 10. This list will help you find the best prices of Windows Phone mobiles in India.

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